• Our teams provide thorough knowledge and experience of power system operation.
  • We are familiar with markets and RTOs rules of operation and associated computer systems.
  • We are very familiar with FERC, and NERC reliability and CIP standards and their compliance.
  • Our services are based on experience with development and delivery of the most advanced EMS/DMS/GMS/DTS products in the industry.
  • Our staff members have developed numerous Request For Proposal (RFP) specifications for leading utilities around the world.
  • Our principal has been involved with implementation of Energy Management Systems for more than 35 utilities from around the world.
  • UDS teams know the challenges and risks associated with implementation of EMS/DMS/GMS/DTS projects.
  • We know the leading providers and their products.
  • We are independent and not associated with any vendor or product.
  • The template RFP specifications from the UDS Group have been developed based on new requirements, modern technologies and recent products in the market.
  • We provide on site project management services.
  • Our list of clients includes: ConEdison of NY, National Grid, NY, National Grid, NE, Florida Power & Light, TVA, FirstEnergy, Austin Energy, NextEra Energy

To learn more about UDS Group, or to discuss your specific needs with one of our associates, please call UDS Group at 763-546-0060 or email us at sales@udsconsulting.com.