UDS Group provides services to owners, operators, and users of the bulk power systems with regard to assessing or monitoring their compliance with NERC and regional standards. Our specific services in this area include assisting the clients in addressing the identified gaps in the existing procedures for the following requirements:

  • Resource and Demand Balancing Requirements (based on BAL standards).
  • Communication Requirements (based on COM standards).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Requirements (based on CIP standards).
  • Emergency Preparedness and Operations Requirements (based on EOP standards).
  • Facilities Design, Connections, and Maintenance Requirements (based on FAC standards).
  • Interchange Scheduling and Coordination Requirements (based on INT standards).
  • Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination Requirements (based on IRO standards).
  • Personnel Performance, Training and Qualifications Requirements (based on PER standards).
  • Modeling, Data, and Analysis Requirements (based on MOD standards).
  • Protection and Control Requirements (based on PRC standards).
  • Transmission Operations Requirements (based on TOP standards).
  • Transmission Planning Requirements (based on TPL standards).
  • Voltage and Reactive Control Requirements (based on VAR standards).

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