UDS Group is a firm specializing in operation and supporting computer systems of electric utility companies all over the world. We have employed our unique knowledge and experience of world class energy management system implementation practices, our global base power system operation expertise, and worldwide best practices and system implementation methodologies to enable breakthrough improvements in power system operation & implementation of supporting computer systems for Electric Utility Industry.

Our services extend from broad level of operation practice improvement to focused energy management system implementation initiatives. Typically our services result in cost reductions of 20-50{7eae1009c68e27ec8ad8854049115aff7c3f1f002071c0a9e3afd753ce9932ed} in parallel with major improvements in reliability, performance and service level.
Our ability to achieve these kinds of results is founded on our extensive experience working as system operators or EMS implementer and developer and our ongoing commitment to provide the most extensive and rich database of benchmarking data about vendors and their products and best system implementation practices from around the world.

We work closely with our clients, listen to their needs, and help them to achieve success through the joint development and implementation of innovative systems, operation models, and best practices. All of our work is done with a view to creating sustainable improvements in operation, reliability, performance and value. One characteristic that distinguishes UDS Group from other firms is the high percentage of our expert staff that we recruit from the utilities and their vendors.

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